[Diemen] Talent, glamour and adventure!

Yuppie! It’s Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW) and Amsterdam is again a fashion destination. Catwalks, art, museums, photo exhibitions, fashion movies and parties are on! You have one week to get a shocking dose of glamour and get an insight of the fashion business during the numerous presentations and lectures.

The AFW starts on the 25th and closes on the 29th, meeting the growing demand by introducing the AFW DOWNTOWN. The program runs for 9 days and includes many open for the public events, organized with museums, shops and clubs.

Although its international character, the platform is dominated by local designers, who can find visibility and networking and reveal their true talent.

Since the AFW started in 2004, the event has gone through many changes.

Except the catwalks presentations, the programme supports many projects with focus of the development of the Dutch fashion industry such as AFW Business Programme, The Green Fashion Competition, Fashion Week LAB and Lichting. The projects include workshops for designers, networking and training sessions as result of the collaboration between AFW and local businesses and companies within the creative industry sector such as SyntensAIM and Made-BY. All the projects give a great opportunity for designers and entrepreneurs.

But this is not all! AFW goes digital! Besides following the event on Facebook and Twitter, the introduction of Whatser app allows you to follow the hot spots of the DOWNTOWN program and stay tuned of the upcoming events at any time.

When social media celebrates fashion, it is one unforgettable party!

Well since this is my first blog, I will start by introducing you to my project for gnr8 and why I chose it. I am helping a newly created Dutch fashion label in their ‘struggle’ with the increasing usage of SM in fashion.

Before I started this project,  my  passion for ‘fashion’ sum up by reading magazines and lingering around the shops and ‘scanning ‘ in malls in the ultimate search for the perfect piece. But I’ve always been intrigued by the changes within the industry and how the different parties cope with them, specifically communication channels.

 You have heard about passion for fashion, well I am not obsessed with clothes, shoes and designer bags (who am I kidding, every woman is) but since I am a business student I like to look at fashion through the prism of business (this partly swaps accountancy books with magazinesJ)

The term fashion can be applied to so many things that we cannot even give it just a single meaning. What I am interested in are the changes that this industry is going through and how technology has changed the face of fashion.

To start with, the fashion landscape has been totally altered. There is no more push strategy and consumers are the ones who dictate trends. Traditional media in general has turned out to be less and less relevant to people in their choices. And why not, SM has shaken up all businesses.

But you all know that already, so let’s not waste time.Let’s talk more about the latest tool for brand promotion- bloggers. Blogs are now seen as style guidance. The internet has opened the floodgates for fashionistas and with just a few clicks (and for free) we can follow all trends, fashion news and events through blogs. Just equipped with the usual smart phone and camera they are tweeting, uploading, posting and simply inspiring.

The fashion industry used to be reluctant to admit to the influence of those independent reporters, but it was inevitable. Now, a few years later, bloggers are the link between the brands and customers. But when numbers count, it’s a community.

They are simply leaders in a new fashion era. We used to look at celebrities wearing high fashion brands, but now we take our daily dose of fashion from regular people with extreme style and passion, who share not only garments, but also their ideas and dreams. To be a blogger you need to be a marketer, photographer, reporter, stylist, artist and so many other things, but the most important is to be honest, consistent and passionate about what you write.

Bloggers are not only just at the first raw of cat walks, but they have become leaders in the industry, reporters and presenters. If you still haven’t joined the party, check out some of my favourite top blogs to easily get addicted: Style ScrapbookThe Blond Salad, Brayanboy, The Fashiontoast, 5 inches up or just go to bloglovin.com and chose your favorite once.

Check out Andy Toress from Style Scrapbook TEDxAmsterdam presentation where she shares her experience as a blogger here.

I admit reading blogs is addictive! Once you start, there is no way back. 

For all of you who like to get inspired, browse trends, search brands or simply being curious, there are a few online communities that you can join where you can chat with other fashion addicted people, search for low price high fashion products and simply have your daily dose of fashion hype. Chicismo,Bloglovin and many others are all you need and even more. Another concept that’s worth mentioning is online communities embracing online shopping such as the Liz&Vik (the Netherlands) fashion community, Farfetch,Polyvore are few of the numerous . You can not only shop there, but also connect to other ‘shop till you drop’ minds. 

Social Media is a powerful tool that has opened a new opportunity for fashion brands and has forever changed the fashion industry. Fashion Labels are not anymore struggling with their difficulty to become accessible. Luxurious brands involve customers in a whole new experience connecting technology and SM. Catwalks are not longer explicit for a certain audience. You can follow fashion shows live, participate in online promotion or even earn collaboration with some labels. All this with  spiced up with technological development has brought labels to a new level and social media has become essential tool within the industry. 

"The world changed when fashion instead of being a monologue, became a conversation.”-interview with Suzy Menkes