[Haarlem] First GNR8 Liveshow in 2012


Did you miss our first live show in 2012? Don't worry, we have here the recap for you! Our first live show in 2012 with the topic of "Entrepreneurship" were joined by Maarten Roelofs and Maarten Terpstra as our guests and hosted by Dafne de Jong.

First Guest


The interview began with Maarten Roelofs, who has background in Politicologie (politic) started out his career in online industry in 1994 in which he described as a very different industry back in the days. With such a different background study, how did he change his way into entrepreneur? Well, that's what entrepreneurship is all about. Having a different backrground study does not stop you from keep innovating, seeking opportunities and willing to take risks.

Having gone through a lot of experience from cisco, programming to sales and marketing, he decided to set up his own independent marketing and strategy company in 2008 called Depascor (when the economy was in big crisis). He had to keep everything in a very low cost and did everything with a very limited sources. The company then developed rapidly and since then started to gain their momentum by getting more partners in technology industry.

Second Guest


Second guest was Maarten Terpstra, coordinator of GNR8 and co-founder of Netwerk023. A very innovative idea indeed. It was all started out back in 2006 where several companies were working together and were missing something. They felt that they did not have any contacts to other companies or whatsoever whenever they needed to find the right people in the industry or experts,etc. Entrepreneur see "problems" as "opportunities". This was when Maarten jumped in and offered his idea by developing Netwerk023 into platform for creative industry in Haarlem to connect all people together so they know where to find the right person when they need it. "Do something you really feel like doing"  a small tip from Maarten Terpstra to keep us innovating.

Round Up


The last session of the show was rounded up by having them share their thoughts and opinions on optional character set by us such as profit oriented or customer oriented, prefer to develop on existing idea or innovate a totaly new idea. A very interesting topics to know how they think about it.

Stay tuned for the live show next week!

Watch the show below for the complete interview (in Dutch).



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