[Haarlem] Liveshow international #2

The new GNR8 Live International is here! This time we talk about fails, things that doesn't work. For this, we are going to go out of the studio, and ask on the streets of Haarlem. During the show there is a live connection with Natalia Carranza and Ferran Pallas (from Barcelona). Also, Yujie Ying, is going to be in the studio to be interviewed The topics of the show are: 

  • What is not working in the Netherlands 
  • Which social network Dutch people use the most

  • Fails. Social networks that had failed or that didn't have success (connection by Skype)
  • HOW WE SEE DUTCH. New section where international people talk about the differences between their culture and Dutch waa of life. Yujie, from Shangai, is going to explain us about their own social networks.
  • Bed & Breakfast. First episode of a mini sitcom that shows how the technology and the addiction to social networks have affected on our everyday life