[Event] Mashable Meetup - 28 July Amsterdam

Graag jullie aandacht voor het volgende goede event:

Mashable Meetup!

It all started with Social Media Day, and now we're continuing the social movement with the 1st Mashable Monthly Meetup. Attend or organize your own meetups that enable your local social community to connect, learn and network.

Amsterdam Edition

Time for SummerMash Amsterdam, Mashable on the beach. Music & Meetings. So, it's gonna be even more casual this time, less speechifying, more milling about and being uber social (text stolen from Mashable Toronto, thanks guys...)

We'll make sure everyone gets introduced, so come and meet new and old friends on Amsterdam's hottest beach.


Where: Strand Blijburg, Muiderlaan 1001 
When: 28 July 
Getting therehttp://www.blijburg.nl/route-amp-vervoer 
Free parking 
Public transport: Tram 26 from Central Station (takes 10 minutes) 
What else: nothing much, bring your flipflops and energy.